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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to do a Website?

Brochure websites with simple Content Management 'plug-ins' do not take too long to produce (a few days). The visual design elements can sometimes take longer to get just right. I am passionate about the visual design (it's who I am), so specifying the right colour palette (using hex colour codes) is very important to me, as is use of fonts. I pay close attention to which fonts to use as they can make or break a website, and will use the Google Fonts API (Application Programming Interface) to achieve this where necessary.


How Long Before I Appear on Google?

Well, getting found by Google takes only a couple of weeks. Getting trusted by Google can take months. It can take 3 months before you notice a better response to your website, and perhaps 6 months for the response to be significant.

The more effort put into ongoing SEO and website promotion, the better your search ranking will be.

Contents is king, is what they say. Add more content, keep it fresh and relevant. Keep linking, interact with others online. Get people talking about you and your business.


Will I be #1 on Google?

Well, that all depends on what you want to be #1 on Google for. Sorry, a bit vague I know; let me explain.

People type in search terms to find out about something, and these search terms are what you want to optimise for. Short, general search terms give high volume, but wide-ranging search results and are very competitive (ie top companies put a huge amount of effort into being #1 for a short key phrase such as "satellite". Whereas long search terms give lower volume but highly relevant search results. These 'long-tail' keyword search terms account for about 70% of Google's searches. That's a lot. It means people usually are quite specific in what they are search for.

The good news is that these long-tail phrases are easier to optimise for in the website, eg "satellite TV and aerial installation in Tavistock", will return much more relevant results. This is how you can achieve good results in Google. Optimise for achievable search terms and carry out as much off-page SEO link building as you can manage.

With effort, you should get to be on the first page of Google's results for your search phrases, maybe even #1. People rarely look beyond the first page; if anything they'll refine their search terms. This is how local businesses are found by local people.