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Website Design

I will produce a new simple and stylish website design for you, integrating your existing logo or business image.

This entails creating the website from scratch; producing a layout design, font choice, colour, logo integration etc and then coding it to function properly when viewed online on different devices. Your new website will be coded to W3C standards. Other elements of the website design are:

domain name registrationDomain Name Registration

If you do not already have your own domain name, you’re going to need one! I can advise on appropriate domain name choice and purchase it for you (eg or

graphic design iconGraphic Design

If you need a new logo or just a consistent corporate identity, vicinity websites can help you achieve the look you want. I can assist you with principal graphic design ideas and digital production. Graphic design on a new logo is charged at £150. I can even produce business card designs and arrange for them to be printed online.

web photography iconPhotography

Good photographs can enhance your site greatly, just as bad ones can ruin it. If you need photography done, just ask! Professional photography is my principal occupation: visit

email iconEmail Contact Forms

Email contact forms allow people to communicate with you safely. Unless you have a contact form, your clickable email address is open to spammers who crawl the internet using software ‘robots’ who harvest addresses and use them for spam.

Contact forms make it much harder for robots to ‘read’ the addresses and have become standard in websites today.

colour iconColour Design

Understanding colour is paramount in presentation of any kind. In websites it can make or break your site's success. Choosing colour palettes and using them effectively is integral in website design. As a photographer I have an intimate relationship with colour and see it differently. I love how colour can induce mood, enhance emotion and reinforce impression.

cms iconContent Management System

I offer simple elements of CMS, including gallery uploads and Blogs. These enable you to update your website regularly with fresh content and imagery which search engines love.

The CMS is set up within the website so you can access it anywhere you have internet connection. Guidance is given for sizing photographs etc for galleries.