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Website Hosting

Websites need to be hosted on dedicated computer servers for them to be viewed by anyone with internet access. This entails uploading the website files onto a computer server where it is then stored and configured. File space and usage of a reliable hosting server is rented; our website hosting uses a reliable and robust national server offering 99.9% up-time guarantee.

Once your website has been created we need to let the world know about it! Using specialist software we will submit the new website to Google, Yahoo, Bing and search engines (using xml sitemap files). These sitemaps will then prompt the search engines to index the site.

Other elements to website hosting are:

control panel iconOnline Control Panel

Your online Control Panel is a powerful tool that allows you to access a wide range of Technical Support options, and manage and modify all information relating to your account and services. From your Control Panel you can:

  • manage your email account settings, including your email password
  • view your emails from any computer via webmail
  • manage spam filtering and virus protection
  • create personal auto-responders for those times when you are unavailable to respond to emails, such as holidays. An email message is automatically bounced from your account to the email sender when a message is received.

email iconEmail Addresses

As part of your new domain name and website, you have the opportunity to set up new email addresses, associated with the domain name. These can be logical and sensible, such as, or maybe or even highly personalised such as

You will receive clear instructions on setting up your new email account as well as instructions on accessing your online control panel where you can view webmail, change passwords and so on.

website maintenance iconWebsite Maintenance

With your website up and running, we will maintain it by ensuring it works smoothly. This includes:

  • keeping the coding up to date
  • removing any crawl errors
  • altering content on existing pages

Any small updates you want to make to the site are provided free of charge. However, large updates would incur a fee of £40 per hour; any potential changes would be assessed first and a quote offered.

google analytics iconGoogle Analytics

Google Analytics report (Premium site only). This is a statistical analysis of your website traffic, including number of visits, their general location, pages viewed, bounce rate and so on.

We can provide you with access to your website's statistics so you can track how people interact with your site.

This is a vital tool if you are interested in increasing your website's performance.